Aliens Online Slots Review

Based on the 1986 cult film, Aliens is a branded online slot that has been collaboratively produced with 20th Century Fox. This cult classic was directed by Academy award winning director James Cameron and stars Sigourney Weaver as the battle hardened Ellen Ripley.

Players will encounter many familiar elements from the movie while playing the online slot version of Aliens. These are communicated wonderfully through crisp 3D graphics and an immersive soundtrack that creates an engaging gaming experience.

The Aliens video slot has five reels with 15 paylines and features wild substitutions, collectable multipliers and re-spins.

Wild Symbols

Aliens features wild symbols that are represented as Weyland –Yutani Corp logos. During the first level of the game called The Search, these symbols will appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels. During the free spins level, called The Encounter, these wild symbols can appear on all the reels. Wild symbols substitute all other symbols on the reels with the exception of the multipliers much like combinations seen in Android mobile poker games.

Make Your Way through the Various Levels

The game is divided into three levels, namely the Search, the Encounter and the Hive. The first level, the Search is the base game, where players are required to collect winning combinations in order to move on to the next level. The Encounter is the second level that players will need to survive. This is the free spin round and players will need to collect as much ammunition as they can, while simultaneously battling waves of attacking aliens. The third and final level is called the Hive. This is a bonus game where players get the opportunity to defeat the queen and bring down the hive.

Scan for Alien Activity

The Search is the first level that players will encounter in Aliens. This is the base game, here players need to scan the alien-infested premises for any activity and collect winning combinations of symbols. These symbols each have their own multiplier value and are added to the Alien Activity Meter. Once the Alien Activity Meter reaches its maximum capacity, players can advance to the next level.

Survive Alien Attacks in the Encounter

The second level is named the Encounter. This is a free spins round which begins with a bang, as players are guaranteed a win on their very first spin. The aim of this level is to survive the waves of advancing aliens without running out of ammunition before reaching the Queen. All the multipliers that were collected in the first level are transferred to this level and are applied to wins. With each spin, a betting line is activated with three new symbols and players can get up to a 6x multiplier in a spin.

Keep a close eye on the Ammo Clip Reel during this level, as this reel contains ammo symbols. Should the ammo symbols appear on the centre position of the reel, it will increase the Ammo Clip Counter which will activate re-spins. This is a great opportunity to keep your ammo stockpiles high, as running out of ammunition automatically means that the game has ended.

Defeat the Queen and Topple the Hive

Survive the Encounter and you’ll be rewarded with five re-spins when starting the next level. The Hive is the third and final level of Aliens. The aim is quite simple- destroy the Queen and take down the hive. The Hive Health Meter will give players an indication of how damaged the hive is. The damage inflicted on the Queen is caused randomly by the grenade’s strength in combination with the multiplier.