An Overview of Spanish Originated Card Game Julepe

Games of chance have always been a part of human civilisation. Whether it be through dice, cards or a simple wager, the aspect of betting on an unpredictable outcome is an exciting engagement regardless. All over the world games like these have surfaced, brought to the attention of the globe through the Internet, and originating from different unique experiences within these particular societies.

Admittedly one of the most popular platforms for games of chance like these is cards. Because of the versatility that individualised pieces of card can bring to a game, this format has sprung many different game possibilities, including the Spanish birthed game of Julepe. This game uses a 40 card deck and is similar to games like Tute and English five card Loo.

Some History and Gameplay of Spanish Julepe

So it seems this card game Julepe springs from Spain. In the 1900s this game spread across the Spanish-American nations like wild fire, with each of the new groups of people adopting it quickly. A game currently known as Tomate is an earlier representation of this game, using the old version in which players drew 3 cards instead of 5. Overall though this is a game that has still stuck out till now, and features enough to get several nations excited.

The way the game of Julepe is actually played is rather straightforward for those familiar with general card games. Since a 40 card Spanish deck is used the four 8s, 9s and 10s are removed from that of a standard 52 French deck. The objective of the game being to win at least two tricks minimum, literally translated from the expression Hacer Julepe meaning ‘make the whist’ or ultimately beat the benchmark. These tricks are won by either playing the highest trump card, the highest non-trump card or the highest card played of the first player’s card suit.

The game starts by selecting the first dealer. This is done by dealing face up cards until a particular suit surfaces, the players with that suit starts as dealer. Each player gets 3 cards and the option to either pass or play during the normal wager format of the game, however during the Blind wager format the dealer deals the 3 cards face down and all players must play.

At the beginning of each new dealer the dealer gets to decide whether it is a normal or blind wager. When the game starts the first card is flipped upright from the top of the deck and this governs the trump suit. A card from the trump suit beats any other cards regardless of values. The game of Julepe then incorporates several different requirements for winning, with the major steadfast rule being that one card equals one game in this card game.

Responsible Gaming all Over the World

At the end of the day the world of today is rather spoiled for choice when it comes to gaming and gambling opportunities at . This is why we all get to hear about and ultimately play games like this Spanish one called Julepe. It is also however why we should all game online and offline responsibly, with care and control. Whilst at the same time enjoying all of it.