Best Sports Betting Odds with Skrill

Online sports betting and the world of technology that has come with it continues to expand and grow at a rapid rate, with players and bettors from all over the world trying to get their hands on the most convenient means of placing a bet.

When online sports betting was introduced, players were only able to deposit money and place bets by using a credit/debit card or a bank transfer. Nowadays, however, the number of criminals found online today has ultimately given rise to more options.

One of these options is the well-known e-wallet called Skrill, which has become one of the most popular choices for bookmakers and players alike, offering simple and safe transfers to players from all around the world.

Sports Betting with Skrill

A company that was formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is actually the second cheapest e-wallet solution for online sports betting participants. The fees involved with using Skrill are technically the cheapest, but considering the fact that PayPal practically turns out to be free, it isn’t quite at the top of the list.

Players are able to use Skrill to deposit, as well as withdraw, from any of the betting sites that offer their services. What’s more, there are a number of online bookmakers offering mobile online slots Canada that do accept Skrill as a method of payment but withdraw their opening bonus offer.

Transaction Fees

Unfortunately there will be transaction fees for those that use Skrill as a method of payment for depositing into a bookmaker’s account. On the upside, the bookmaker is never actually the one to charge the player, so moving money in and out of that account won’t cost a thing.

It is actually only when a player deposits funds or withdraws funds from their actual Skrill account that they will incur any costs. This certainly doesn’t apply to all funding options but it does to withdrawals.

Free Deposit Options

There are a number of free deposit options available when using Skrill, though some debit cards will not be listed so it is important to check with customer support in case.

Any local bank transfer made online or over the phone falls into this group, as well as deposits made with Maestro cards, a cheque mailed and made payable to Skrill, Sofort banking transfers and any SWIFT transfers.

Withdrawal Charges

Any time that a player makes a withdrawal from their Skrill accounts into a bank account, there will be fees involved, though, as briefly mentioned above, this is a charge from Skrill and not from the bookmakers.

These charges will vary depending on the method of transaction, with a mailed cheque costing the most and local bank transfers, VISA cards and SWIFT payments all costing around the same.

Skrill Prepaid MasterCard

Players that hold an account with Skrill will be pleased to know that they have the option of applying for a Skrill Prepaid MasterCard.

This essentially works in the same way that a CAD casino as well as credit card does, where a player’s spending power on the actual card will match their Skrill account balance.