Cool Jewels Video Slots Game

Cool Jewels is an online video slots game released by WMS that has a very distinct arcade feel to it, combining standard gem-based puzzle or entertainment games with the slots gaming world.  It offers players good and simple fun with various bonus opportunities and an exciting playing screen.

The Cool Jewels slots game is visually similar to gem-based puzzle games, and its symbols include various types of jewels in an assortment of colours, including red, yellow, blue, pink, and green.

Cool Jewels Game Structure

Cool Jewels does not offer players the standard slots pay lines. Instead, all symbols appear on a six by six grid, and all thirty six symbols are in view at the same time. The pay line numbers are replaced by two meters, which appear on the sides of the six by six playing grid. This is such a fun game to play.

The meter on the left shows the payout per symbol, while the meter on the right of the grid shows the number of free spins available. Despite this difference, reels still spin in the same way as they would on most video slots games. Winning combinations occur when players land or ‘destroy’ four matching symbols, which may appear matching either vertically and horizontally at any given time.

Cool Jewels Cascading Reels

The Cool Jewels slots game comes with a Cascading Reels feature. In this feature, certain symbols, such as the Exploding Wild symbol, will ‘explode’ after forming a winning combination, leaving empty spaces to be filled by new symbols. When these symbols land, they may form new winning combinations and, again, explode and leave space for yet another set of new symbols. This feature will continue to occur until no new winning combination is landed at Canadian casinos. The Cascading Reels feature enables players to achieve numerous wins from one single spin.

Cool Jewels Wild Symbols

Cool Jewels comes with a total of four wild symbols. These are the Shocking Wild, Unstable Wild, Shattering Wild, and Persisting Wild. The first three types of wild symbols act as Exploding Wilds, ‘exploding’ after a winning combination has been landed and leaving space for new symbols to take their place.

On their own, the wild symbols also serve various functions. An Unstable Wild will destroy all the symbols that surround it. A Shattering Wild will destroy all symbols that are vertical and horizontal from its centre. A Shocking Wild symbol will destroy all symbols that are diagonal from its centre.

Free Spins

Destroying four or more of the Cool Jewels Logo symbols will activate the Free Spins bonus feature. In order to do this, players will first need to land the relevant wild symbols, which will then, in turn, destroy the logo symbols. Destroying different numbers of logo symbols will result in different numbers of free spins. Fours logos will result in five free spins, five logos in ten free spins, six logos in fifteen free spins, and seven logos will result in twenty free spins. Each additional logo symbol destroyed will provide another five free spins.