Details about Outback Ridge Slot from Aristocrat

Outback Ridge Aristocrat slot is a featured game in another of this developer’s series’, and can be said to be the leader of the Sparkling Jackpots pack. It is a very eye-catching game, and, as players have come to expect from this Australian developer, delivers plenty of action in order to keep the excitement flowing. It manages to deliver classic features and the kind of gameplay that has led to Aristocrat being so well-loved by players, and the contemporary elements allow it to compete with the best games currently available anywhere.

Simultaneous Launch across Australia for Outback Ridge

Outback Ridge Aristocrat slot is one of very few slots that the company has launched across all states in their home country at once. The majority of their games only manage to make it to one or two states in the form of soft launches before being introduced countrywide, but Aristocrat pulled out all the stops for this game, and Australian players reading this article will almost certainly be able to locate it at their nearest land-based club or casino. Players who are not residents of Australia, or Australians who prefer the heightened convenience and better returns of online play, can get in on the action by means of one of the many excellent online alternatives that are available, all detailed at the relevant websites which offer dedicated pages devoted to these kinds of comparisons.

Aristocrat Developer

Theme and Format for Outback Ridge Aristocrat Slot

Every so often, the developers come up with a slots machine game that uses an animal theme and raises the bar –blowing the competition out of the water with the quality of their graphics and animations. The Outback Ridge Aristocrat slot is one such game, and the visuals create an extraordinarily immersive environment for the player to enjoy. Players will very quickly notice the exceptional level of detail that has gone into the rendering of the main icons, with the tiger and bird symbols standing head and shoulders above the rest. There is also a very innovative mix of traditional elements with more modern ones, demonstrated most notably by the addition of the frequently used playing card symbols which are reimagined and brought to serve as the lower-paying symbols on the Outback Ridge Aristocrat slot reels.

Traditional elements are further noticeable during the base game for Outback Ridge Aristocrat slot: with many players becoming simply overwhelmed by the enormous array of different games offering hundreds of paylines on many recent releases, this game harkens back to a simpler time, with only 25 lines for players to contend with. The simplicity of this slots game has no effect on how lucrative it is, either, and players are able to combine straightforward gameplay with some astonishing prizes as they progress through the game.

The Sparkling Jackpots series to which this slot belongs is a clue to the kinds of rewards possible for this game: three levels of jackpot fun await its players and, thanks to the fact that 0.1; 0.2; and 0.5 betting options are provided, vigorous prize pools will be seen to increase as players’ engage with the action. Players who prefer smaller stakes are just as likely to take home the prizes as those who enjoy bigger bets are, and the jackpots are not random unlike in some pokies AU – the payouts for Outback Ridge Aristocrat slots action are based on which symbols land, so players know full well what to expect.