Online Betting for the Melbourne Cup Event

The Melbourne Cup is by far one of the most famous horse racing events in Australia, and, besides attracting crowds numbering in the thousands, it pulls a huge amount of online betting activity as well. This horse race has gone on to become one of the most favoured wagering events of horse race-lovers the world over, and the action is set only to increase for punters who love to play the ponies online, thanks to the proliferation of online bookmakers fighting it out to present online bettors with the best odds; markets; and free bet bonus offers.

The Melbourne Cup is part of Australia’s Spring Carnival, an event which showcases that country’s best horses, and allows them to compete for one of several cups. Thanks to its popularity with racegoers, the day this race takes place has been deemed a public holiday and spectators arrive in droves to witness the performances of some of the finest horses in the world.

Due to the fact that the Melbourne Cup is well-broadcasted the world over, as a result of its enormous popularity, the best online bookmakers will offer punters plenty of Australian betting sites when it comes to wagering on one or more of the many more than capable competitors. Comparison sites further dedicate themselves to finding the best online bookmakers anywhere in the world, and help punters make the most of this incredible horse race whenever it is being run.

Details on the Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Event

The Melbourne Cup sees 24 of the best horses in Australia competing for first place. Up to 400 entrants are allowed for the competitions, after which the final 24 racers are chosen. Winners of the Caulfield Cup, a race which precedes this one, are automatically accepted into this event.

One of the most interesting features about the Melbourne Cup is its atypical rules regarding the horses’ handicaps: the best beasts have smaller weight penalties in this race, which results in it being an incredibly close competition, in which every one of the animals taking part have a similar chance of taking the first position. This also has wonderful results for online punters, since it makes the entire betting experience a far more interesting, if less clear-cut, one.

Many Bet Types Available for the Melbourne Cup

One of the main reasons that betting on the Melbourne Cup has become so popular worldwide is the vast array of interesting bet types it makes available to punters looking to cash in on their sure thing. Thanks to the fact that so many different kinds are provided for, punters of varying levels of experience and expertise can enjoy the processes, and find a stake that suits their style perfectly.

The most popular wagers for the this Cup are by far the Win and Place bets, which are the easiest to understand, but, thanks to the unique elements of these races, not necessarily simple to predict. Players are asked to select their favourite horse for the win or placing in second; third; and fourth position, and some great odds are often provided by the online bookmakers making this kind of instant access a reality.