Online Casinos And What Makes Them Secure

Running on online gaming software proudly developed by a prominent developer adding value to the industry even today, the very first online casino was launched in 1995. Since then, the online casino industry has grown at a tremendous speed, supported as such by a vast arrangement of casino software developers passionate about excellence in online gaming.

Soon followed coming into being of the first ever online gaming authority, namely the Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Established into being only a year later in 1996, this rapid progression on the timeline provides us with an important clue as to what it is that makes an online casino secure.

The answer at the top of the list then: licensing and regulation.

Frequent Audits

Once an online casino has been confirmed as licensed with a reputable regulator / gaming commission, the next criteria to look for out for is whether or not an online casino’s games are frequently audited for fairness. ‘Fair’ in this particular context means that the house edge published for any of the casino’s games being offered to players, isn’t greater than what it should be.

Since its impossible for players to test the house edge themselves, there exist large corporations specialising in exactly this. These corporations too, are regulated and licensed for quality and fairness, so as to ensure no convenient loopholes anywhere in the service value chain. An example of a reputable global game testing agency is eCOGRA, which is short for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. At the core of what eCOGRA does every day is to ensure that customers can rest easy in the fairness of their favourite games offered by their favourite operators.

The Personal Touch

Quality online casinos will have, without exceptions, customer care departments that are reachable and willing and capable to take care of a query or a problem. An important modern-day means to providing quick and efficient customer aid and feedback is the Live Chat function.

The Live Chat function offers a time-saving problem resolution solution. As for any issues that cannot be solved by means of ordinary customer support, such an issue should be easily directable to a licensing authority and any reputable online casino will ensure that all the relevant information, including a dispute resolution form, is readily available on its online platform.

The Value Of Community

When it comes to sussing out a bad reputation, there’s no platform quite like the internet for the job. A standard Google search should tell you all you need to know about the majority of online casinos. Its helpful to look at more than one complaint or review so as to ensure a complete accurate idea of the scenario.

It may be true that not everything written on the internet is 100% accurate, but its also true that with just a little bit of logic applied, it really isn’t all that hard to differentiate with reasonable certainty between incorrect information or hearsay and cold hard fact.