What is Rakeback in Poker?

What is rakeback? In order to fully understand the question, an understanding of how poker sites manage to make their revenue is required. Whether it is a poker tournament, or a cash, or ring, game, poker sites make their money from taking a percentage of the buy-ins that the players wishing to take part make. Generally this is around 5% of each of the pots. This is known as the rake, and is so small that most players won’t even notice the percentage being removed. Large poker rooms make more money in this manner than the smaller ones do, and this method certainly pays off over the long run.

The question, “What is rakeback?” is a fairly new one, since it is part of the online poker world, which has only been in operation relatively recently. Thanks to the revenue that this kind of percentage taking is able to offer poker sites, however, it has also become one of the ways in which sites are able to reward their loyal patrons who return often and help recruit new players to the site. Online poker players are now able to sign up for rakeback when they join a poker site, and will then receive a percentage of this from the site itself as a reward for referring other players.

The Rakeback for Poker Players

What is rakeback as far as poker players are concerned? A far more hefty percentage than the one generated by the poker rooms itself, jumping from 5% to around 30%. The longer players enjoy games at the sites offering them this as a reward the more significant these totals become, and professional players often see as much as $50 000 a year generated in this manner.

When players start enquiring what is rakeback, they will be very happy to find that it isn’t a reward limited to regular players only, and even low limit players can make around $1 000 a year if they put their minds to it.

Multiple Platforms for Poker Play

What is rakeback? Put simply, it is the portion of profit that poker sites are willing to share with their players. Although there are many avid players who have never heard of this great bonus, more and more individuals are becoming aware of it and are thus able to start taking advantage of the money this promotion is able to offer. is now available for players all around the world across multiple platforms, and many different smartphones and tablets are able to make entry into games of varying stakes for the players who enjoy them. Poker players are no longer required to make their desktop computers available in order to enjoy Texas hold ‘em, Omaha hold ‘em or any of the other many variants available by means of the World Wide Web.

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