4 Of The Best Keno Tips for New Players

Ausvegas Keno is one of the simplest games to bet on at land-based, mobile and online casinos. From a pool of 80 numbers, punters must choose up to 10, in most variants. Some versions allow as many as 15 or 20, but 10 is more usual.

From the pool of 80, 20 winning numbers are then drawn at random; most often by RNG software. Players must match their picks with the winning balls drawn.

They win with a prescribed minimum number of matches, and the higher the percentage of matches among all the numbers they played, the higher their winnings. Here’s how to get the most out of Keno:

Practise For Free

You will want to try different combinations; does betting on four, eight, 10 or more numbers consistently give you a better result? There are cost implications to this on each bet, so you want to find the right tally of numbers that, bet regularly, allows you more or less to break even.

Some Keno players swear that you should stick to between four and eight numbers per bet, but you might decide differently after some trial and error. Happily, there are plenty of free Keno sites online; many attached to real-money operations. This will allow you to practise different Keno betting options risk-free until you find the ones you like.

Shop Around Online

There are hundreds of different casinos available online, and your first task is to identify all of those that are legally available where you live. Sticking to licensed, regulated operations for online and mobile gaming is common sense: that way, you are legally protected in the event of any disputes.

Once you have a list, sign up on a variety of sites and check out their various Keno offerings. Apart from the tally of numbers that can be bet on, sites will differ in their pay tables. Prizes paid for six matches, for example, will differ depending on whether you chose six or 10 numbers, but different sites can also show some major variance in the different prizes. It makes sense to stick to site that offer the biggest rewards when you strike it lucky, house edge can vary from 4% to 35%.

Understand Random Numbers

Keno is a game of chance, every draw is unique and the numbers have no memory. You may understand this intellectually, but have you processed it emotionally? Until you do, you will never be able to bet on Keno dispassionately, to get the most out of the pastime.

Taking a punt on Keno for the fun of it, fully aware that the odds are stacked against you, can be a healthy mood enhancer. The risk is the buzz; if you happen to win, that’s just a bonus. Becoming obsessed with “finding the system” when there is no system, just random numbers, is not healthy at all.

Play Within Your Budget

Similarly, Keno is like all gambling: you should only play with money you can afford to lose. A win should always be a pleasant addition to the sheer thrill of playing, not a desperately needed financial lifeline.