How To Beat The Odds In Baccarat

There are many superstitions in Baccarat that are believed to swing luck in your favour. Some of these have their roots in Macau where the game is hugely popular. It’s not uncommon therefore to see players blowing on cards, wearing red clothing, or even tapping a glass ashtray to better their winning streak.

There are other superstitions of course, but among the trendsetters is trend betting – a method of predicting a current winner when placing bets or when predicting future hands.

Trend betting in Baccarat is a very particular way of tracking past scores and outcomes in order to note patterns played. This naturally requires knowledge of how to score in Baccarat. For those not familiar with Baccarat scoring, cards such as 10, Jack, Queen and King – that typically score 10 – are worth Zero. Aces are worth one; while number cards such as Two, Three, Four, are scored at face value. Two = 2; Three = 3; Four = 4, etc. Of a hand total, only the second digit is counted. So, a 7 + 8 would count as 5, and not 15.

The highest possible value is 9.

A Betting Advantage

To see the results for past hands, we refer to Baccarat’s scoreboards aka road maps. These will normally accompany your game whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or online. Common road maps are Bead Plate, Big Road and Big Eye Boy.

A Bead Plate looks like a grid with different coloured beads or dots.

Red beads indicate the Banker wins; Blue beads the Player wins. Bead plates have six rows and a minimum of 12 columns. Here, the results of each hand are recorded in isolation.

Big Road shows consecutive wins. Each new column shows whether the Banker or Player won the last hand. If a bet wins more than six times consecutively, it is carried over to the next column.

Big Eye Boy records data from other scoreboards and interprets it by highlighting patterns so that players know which bet to place next. It is used most often with Big Road. Each time a new column is recorded on a Big Road, a mark is placed on the Big Eye Boy. The two charts look the same. The difference is that red and blue do not correlate to Banker and Player, rather red means repetition and blue means the opposite.

Bucking The Trend

With these systems you can decide to wager either for or against a trend. Some players may believe a hand has been played so regularly that a reverse win is due to reflect next. For example, if the banker wins three times consecutively, you may believe this streak will end due to odds, so you wager on Player winning next time. Conversely, the banker may have won four times in a row; you believe Luck is on the Banker’s side; you bet on the Banker winning the next round.

Of course, there is no evidence to suggest trend betting works, as Baccarat is a game of chance, but a little extra help in getting to grips with the statistics never hurt anyone!