An Overview of Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort

The Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort was opened on 1 April 1996 and is named after Andrew Jackson Longstreet, who was affectionately known to Amargosa Valley locals as Jack. He was a frontiersman, and married a Paiute woman from the Valley.

Jack was respected by Native Americans and Western settlers alike in this part of Southern Nevada, and often worked with miners and ranchers over his lifetime. He was also a merchant and a barkeep at different points, and lived in a rock and adobe house that he had built himself.

Today the image and the spirit of this remarkable man are kept alive in many ways at the Longstreet Resort. The building’s interior décor has a distinct pioneer feel to it, and in addition to a swimming pool the park-like grounds feature a waterfall and duck ponds. The venue is a good place to launch an exploration into the Amargosa Valley, and enjoy some quality casino games at the same time.

Casino Play

The Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort offers guests a huge range of Nickel, Quarter and Dollar Slots machines. In addition, 4 of a Kind Ticket Drawings take place regularly. Players can win new cars, barbeque sets and a host of other prizes in these draws.

The casino is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so holidaymakers can play whenever suits them and their activities best. Being able to structure your own time allows you to fit more in, and to get the most of your time at Longstreet.


The Nebraska Steakhouse offers high-quality, chef-selected meat and is open every Friday and Saturday, while Jack’s Café offers American Dining every day of the week.

Both restaurants run regular specials, as well as a customer Loyalty Programme and surprise discounts. They’re also a good place to relax with a drink.


As its name would suggest, the Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort has a few different accommodation options. The amenities in the different rooms and suites range from gas-fueled fireplaces to room service and in-room kitchen facilities.

The economical RV Park has 50 spaces for vehicles, all with telephone, television and Wi-Fi hookups. Guests in the RV Park have the same access to the resort facilities as those staying in the hotel do, which puts the Longstreet experience within the reach of almost every budget.

Other Attractions

Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort is a good base from which to explore Death Valley, Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Pahrump, the Funeral Mountains and other surrounding natural landmarks. For more gambling thrills, Longstreet is also just a 90-minute drive from the bright lights of Las Vegas itself,

The venue often features other events as well, so guests of all ages should find something to amuse them. This makes the Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort a good choice for a family vacation. While Slots enthusiasts are enjoying the casino or sports fans placing bets with Australian betting apps, others can go touring and exploring their surroundings or taking a plunge in the hotel pool.