An Overview of Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort

The Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort was opened on 1 April 1996 and is named after Andrew Jackson Longstreet, who was affectionately known to Amargosa Valley locals as Jack. He was a frontiersman, and married a Paiute woman from the Valley.

Jack was respected by Native Americans and Western settlers alike in this part of Southern Nevada, and often worked with miners and ranchers over his lifetime. He was also a merchant and a barkeep at different points, and lived in a rock and adobe house that he had built himself. Continue reading


Land Based Riverside Hotel and Casino

Land based casinos in today’s world, competing with the online variations, have still got a few ace factors that quell the online tide. These include the tangible aspects of a land-based casino, like the architecture, the history, tangible through art and décor as well as theme and atmosphere. These factors definitely create an exciting casino environment, especially when coupled with some fine accommodation turning the experience into a full holiday. However the tangible cannot last forever and in the case of the Riverside Hotel this was made final in 1986 when the establishment closed. It still serves as housing for artists and is an historical landmark in the Reno, Nevada area. Continue reading


Jeopardy! Slots Machine Online Review for Players

Jeopardy! Is an American quiz show. The show became instantly popular when aired for the first time during the 1970’s and it was the best known game show for more than ten years. The game show, in fact, still runs today, and still draws substantial audiences. The hosts Art Fleming and Alex Trebek became household name in the USA.

The slots game specialists, IGT, have taken this famous game show and used it to brand their Jeopardy! Slots game and give it instant popularity. Clearly this was well thought out, since outside the United States Jeopardy! Game show is virtually unknown, and IGT is inaccessible to players from the USA. Continue reading