Deuces Wild Video Poker Details Mentioned Online

The Deuces Wild online video poker game is played individually and not against a dealer or any additional players. A full deck of fifty two cards, which excludes the jokers, is used and the deck is shuffled after each hand is played. All the two cards, which are known as deuces, play the role of wilds where they substitute any other value card to help create a winning poker hand. If more than one poker hand is possible with the use of one or more of the deuce cards then the deuces will automatically be used to replace the card that offers the highest ranking poker hand.

Between one and five coins of varying values can be bet on a Deuces Wild online video poker hand. When the bets are placed the deal button is used to deal the first five cards. If any of the five cards appear to be worthy of holding onto, the hold button selects the chosen cards and the next round of cards can be dealt. The second deal presents the final cards which are evaluated and paid out accordingly.

Deuces Wild Poker Hands Explained

The royal flush is the ten through ace cards of the same suit without the use of a deuce. Four deuces are self-explanatory, four twos need to be in the hand. The wild royal flush is ten through ace of the same suit with a deuce acting as a substitute. Five of a kind is four matching denominations with a deuce.  A straight flush is five consecutive numbers of the same suit and a deuce can be used. Four of a kind is four of the same denominations or three matching denominations and a deuce.

A full house is three matching denominations and a pair or two pairs and a deuce. A flush is five cards of the same suit or four with a deuce. A straight is consecutive denominations of any suit or four and a deuce. The lowest possible hand in the Deuces Wild poker rankings is the three of a kind which is three cards of the same denomination or two with a deuce.

The Value of the Poker Hands

Deuces Wild online video poker is played with the standard poker value hands as well as some unique hands that include the deuce. The pay outs are generally the same at all online casinos but some may vary. The best poker hand with the highest value is the natural royal flush which can pay out up to 800x with the highest bet amount.

The natural royal flush excludes the deuce as a substitute but if a deuce does help to make the same combination of cards then it will pay up to 25x and is called a wild royal flush. The second highest valued hand is four deuces that pay up to 200x. Five of a kind is possible with the deuces acting as a substitute and pays 15x. Straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight and three of a kind pay 9x, 5x, 3x, 2x, 2x and 1x respectively. There is no Deuces Wild pay out for any card values lower than the three of a kind.