Slot Machine Games Discussed in Detail

Slot machine games are games of chance that abound in casinos and other establishments around the world. These games originally came out in 1887 and were found in American saloons, soon spreading all over the world. Slot machine games are games of chance, relying on symbols to come up on spinning reels and earning the player winnings.

Originally the winnings came in the form of fruit gum, but these days large jackpots, and even big physical prizes such as cars can be won.

Slot Machine Games History

First coming out in America in 1887, slot games were created as a way of automating the very popular game of Poker. Their first names were One Armed Bandits, after the lever that the player pulled to make reels spin. Since then slot machine games have developed many fond nicknames such as Pokies in Australia, and Fruit Machines in the United Kingdom.

The original games had only three mechanical spinning reels and very few symbols and were very basic to play; put in the coins, pull the lever, see if you get matching symbols. Nowadays slot machine games have evolved into a totally new breed, but are still recognisable from the original One Armed Bandits.

Modern Slot Machine Games

Although today’s slot games may still be the same species as the original Poker Machine brought out in 1887, they are about as different as we are to cave men. Today’s slot machine games boast flashing lights, huge amounts of reels, progressive jackpots and have even gone virtual.

The physical slot games line casinos all over the world, and other establishments too. They are all electronic and instead of the lever a player simply pushes a button to spin the represented reels on a screen. The symbols are brightly coloured and some are even animated. Today’s physical slots are often linked to other games of the same name, so you can have a whole herd of linked identical slot machine games, that link their jackpots too, creating much bigger payouts.

Virtual Slot Machine Games

With the birth of the Internet came the growing popularity of online casinos. And of course an online casino must have a selection of virtual slot machine games. Enter the video slot. These online slot machine games have become so wildly popular that specialized software developers have grown up in their shade, creating software purely for online slots. The number of titles is almost infinite, ranging from movies both new and old, to fairy tales to even virtual slots remakes of the original One Armed Bandits and Fruit Machines.  These Virtual slots have animated graphics, some have intense story lines, progressive jackpots and extra features such as free spins and bonus rounds.

Virtual slots can be accessed anytime, by any adult so long as they have a suitable device and an Internet connection. Some of these slot machines don’t even require the player to play with real money means these allow free play demo mode. New virtual slots are coming out on the market every day, and the future of slot games seems only to be growing.