Land Based Riverside Hotel and Casino

Land based casinos in today’s world, competing with the online variations, have still got a few ace factors that quell the online tide. These include the tangible aspects of a land-based casino, like the architecture, the history, tangible through art and décor as well as theme and atmosphere. These factors definitely create an exciting casino environment, especially when coupled with some fine accommodation turning the experience into a full holiday. However the tangible cannot last forever and in the case of the Riverside Hotel this was made final in 1986 when the establishment closed. It still serves as housing for artists and is an historical landmark in the Reno, Nevada area.

The Rise and Fall of Riverside Hotel

A fun aspect of some of the older land based casinos and hotels is that their history is always quite interesting and the story behind the Riverside Hotel is no less so. For this hotel’s tale the setting is Reno, Nevada and the date as early as the 1880s. By this time the location had been both a log cabin aimed at supplying food and shelter to the gold miners returning from California, as well as a hotel owned by a Myron Lake and called Lake’s House. It was in the 1880’s however, after Lake’s death, that his daughter changed the name into the Riverside Hotel. A fire later burned down this hotel and in 1927 a renovated version of the same name was built in the same gothic revival style the building has to date.

This is the oldest landmark of Reno, Nevada, with the Riverside Hotel sitting in the same place as that same log building where it all began in 1859. Today it serves as apartments and studios for artists but between its renovation in 1927 and now it housed a solid casino and hotel and experienced several changes in ownership, retaining its title till the very end until it was finally closed in 1986, 59 years after its gothic revival style renovation.

The Casino and Games it had

The casino part of the Riverside Hotel only really made its entrance into the fray after the 1927 renovations and was operated from within a bank and run by one Nick Abelman who ensured quality entertainment, food and casino gaming. There were scores of slot machines and table games. The slots had various themes and bonuses amongst them so even within that group were there varieties. The same situation applied to the table games and the classics available on them just as with sports betting tips at has to offer.  The Riverside Hotel did change proprietors several times throughout the years until it closed in 1986 and most of these new owners operated a casino of their own from the premises, so pretty much throughout its history there were casino games to be played here.

In 1967 there was a dice cheating scandal over the casino within this establishment and the gaming commission shut it down for a term. It was reopened several years later by new owners, who then setup another casino. As is evident from this, the players clearly wanted to play and regardless of whom, each owner saw this and offered them the possibility.