The Basic Details of Retro Reels Online Slot

Microgaming has revived the Golden Age of 1940s Las Vegas by bringing the aptly titled Retro Reels to the online space. This five-reel 20-payline slot merges the best of both worlds by presenting a simple and classic fruit-machine-style in a modern interface, with the benefit of the latest online slots technology.

Coin Values and Prizes for Retro Reels

The betting range for Retro Reels is quite extensive – starting at just one coin and reaching as high as 20 coins per payline. Coin values, meanwhile, range from 0.01 to 0.25.

Players lucky enough to hit the Retro Reels jackpot will receive a handsome payout of 10 000 coins, with the second-highest prize set at 500 coins.

The Retro Reels Look and Feel

Paradoxically, it is because of its access to the most modern software-development technology that Microgaming has been able to so vividly recreate this nostalgic homage to the slots of yesteryear. Retro Reels has a truly life-like interface to engage those players who enjoy the convenience and added benefits of online play but long for the sights and sounds of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

Although the game has five reels instead of the customary three, elements in keeping with the classic theme of Retro Reels include all of the original slot symbols, such as various gold bars as well as those beloved red cherries, lemons and plums – with none of the modern symbols associated with the average new release. In addition, the Retro Reels slot does not feature any animations, adding to its realistic vintage feel.

The soundtrack for this old-school slots experience is just what you’d expect from a real-life machine – tinkling bells, an up-beat melody, and the soft whispering of the Retro Reels as they slide past one another.

Five Free Spins and a 2x Multiplier

Although Retro Reels is unmistakeably traditional, Microgaming has snuck in a few modern features to keep things interesting. One of these features is the possibility of winning free spins. These are awarded to players when two or more scatter symbols land anywhere on the Retro Reels.

Players will then receive five free spins per scatter symbol plus a 2x multiplier on all free spins wins.

What’s more, although there is no wild symbol in this game some you’d find in some blackjack games at, the Retro Reels scatter symbol pays out 100 coins if five land anywhere on the reels, which can happen quite regularly.

The Unique Re-Spin Button

The other very modern feature included in Retro Reels real money casino game is its re-spin button. This feature is so new, in fact, that it is still a rare find in most internet casinos.

By pressing the Retro Reels re-spin button, players may re-spin any one of their reels, whilst the others remain in place. This does come at a price, however, and players can see how much their re-spins will cost by checking the amount displayed beneath each of the Retro Reels. This amount varies, depending on how likely a re-spin is to land a winning combination. The more likely a re-spin is to pay out, the more it will cost to take advantage of this Retro Reels option.